Letters to Laura by Wesley Rivers

A creatively clever method of storytelling, told from the perspective of a wronged lover, pouring her heart out to the person responsible for her heartache. A cleansing mechanism of sorts slowing her the opportunity to vent the frustration she feels at how she has been treated.

I liked the fact that the story allowed the evolution of heartache to play out, to ride the wave of emotion that being dumped as such heaps upon you. The transition from hurt to hate to healing, all being given freedom to express themselves.

I felt that the story oozed grace, it gave the writer and the reader an opportunity to take a good hard look at what love and loss really bring to the table and to deal with the emotional aftermath.

This was a journey to find purpose, not only to move on but to change the way that the author of the letters looked at herself, to examine the person she not only was but needed to be.

Time to reflex is the one that as adults we are often denied but it is something that we care rarely do without. We all need the chance to look inside and to decide what we can and cannot accept and what we can and cannot change and what we do with that is what defines us.

This book was about changing your definition, how not only you but other see you.


Topic: Letters to Laura by Wesley Rivers

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