Wild Knight

by Jaxson Kidman

This contained more than a few of my favourite things, I mean what is there not to love about a book that is wall to wall Knight, with a liberal smattering of bad a$$ bikers and a guy that you can really, really hate!

But apart from all of that yummy stuff, what I really liked was the retrospective parts of the book, the reflection to the past to give not only depth to the storyline but understanding to the characters. I also like the fact that both of the main protagonists had the opportunity to tell the story from their individual points of view, it helps with perspective and for me that is always a plus, I find stories told in this manner more rounded, fuller and because of that I can engage more.

So the story is about Knight and Priya and looks back at the time when they were younger living on opposites of the track, and I mean that quite literally but there was something there between them that even way back then couldn’t keep them apart, they would meet and talk but it came to nothing when Priya’s heart was decimated…Knight left and never came back! She wasn’t far behind him deciding that achage of scenery might be just what she needed to heal, so she packed up and left to live with her grandma.

So as you can image the story isn’t likely to end there but when it does pick up and completely kick off is the events that surround them years later when the two of them are put back in each other’s vicinity, because then while it may be for all the wrong reasons, the outcome is certain one to get this story up and running at a furious pace.

Priya is being used by the new bad boy in town, Damon as he tries to building his nefarious empire, but bad things happen to bad people and those around them, so while he is out of town he hires Knight to look after her. Oh you fool!!!

From the get-go this was only every going to go one way but the rate with which it headed south was astonishing, the years had done nothing to dampen how the felt and it wasn’t long before they were going to pick up right where they left off…only one little problem the end result of their reunion is the fact that Priya is pregnant with not a chance that it is Damon’s and he isn’t going to take that lying down.

Forced to flee, Knight might have had to start again, but that didn’t mean he was willing to just move on and leave Priya behind again, nope this time he knew there was a chance that what they had was the real thing and he set about finding her, it was far from easy because, little did he know that she she was on the run in an attempt to ensure the safety of her /their unborn child.

But with the help of his brothers at Reaper’s Bastards MC, he was a force of nature, he knew that the road ahead was always going to have the spectre of Damon looming over it and when he eventually tracks her down, you can be sure that there is nothing that he isn’t going to do to make sure that Priya and his child are safe…and with the MC behind him I was relishing the fight!

Great book, well written and engaging.

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