by Nicole Edwards

Drawing the final curtain on the Club Destiny series, this book is far from being a mere Distraction because with this story and these characters Nicole Edwards gave me a story that was perfectly qualified to call time on a series that has become one of my most enduring and guilty pleasures.

I thought the book played well on the emotional content and while it was packed and I do mean packed with all the usual distractions found in a Nicole Edwards book, it was quite simply oozing with love, and laughter. I felt almost swept away by the wave of emotion that ebbed and flowed across each and every page.

When Dylan’s wife died, part of him was lost that day too, his soul was decimated, left alone he found solace and the ability to functioned at the bottom of a bottle, internally he was a broken man. His former high school fling Sarah had also experienced the same fate and following the death of her husband was running on empty…two damaged hearts that just needed to connect but that were finding that increasingly difficult.

They had already had one bite at that proverbial cherry and after a quick fumble that resolved neither of their angst, they went their separate ways but after all was said and done, would they find their way back to each other? They were on the periphery of friendship and nothing more for years but time seemed to be unwilling to allow them to stall the inevitable and after three years their paths were set to do so much more than just cross again.

They had a lot to deal with now that they were back in each other circle, they had things that they both needed to get off their chests. They suffered for far too long in painful silence, Sarah struggling to finally reconcile the fact that her husband had died and left her to fend for herself, and Dylan, not only continuing to battling with the loss of his wife but also feeling really sorry what happened with him and Sarah.

They both had to find a way to work through their issues, to find their feet, their common ground and an anchor point with which they could perhaps build something moving forward.

Is this something they had the stomach to undertake?

Were they finally ready to cut the ties that bound them to the past and move forward together or would their heartache continue to haunt them?

In true Nicole Edwards style Dylan and Sarah were a couple that simply oozed intensity. There was so much poured into them that it felt as if they were bursting at the seams.  

I loved the depth that the author gave Dylan, he was of an age that he had made and was willing to acknowledge his mistakes but he was also measured in approaching a task that he didn’t know whether he had the stomach for completing, his past truly haunted him and that vulnerability was  immensely touching, He wanted to move on, he just had to find the final piece of his puzzle ...the person that was worth moving on not only for but with. Sarah was the woman to bring about that change in Dylan, her sharp wit was so engaging, she had her own edge that she tempered when she had too but her character was perfect for the clever sexy man that caught her eye.

Don’t think that the story is all doom and gloom or too sad, it isn’t. It is a lesson on picking up the pieces of a heart that has been shattered and handing them over to someone who is willing to help you piece it back together, so, this is far from being sad…Yes, its emotional but it is also both enlightening and charming.

Oh and as you would expect the “passion” is of the scale …one bit in particular will take a little time to recover from…phew!!!

Topic: Distraction by Nicole Edwards

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