The Reason

by Stacy M Wray

Wasn’t sure what I was getting into when I flipped over the cover of my kindle and started this read but I must admit that by the time I was half an hour in I didn’t want to put it down. I quickly became engrossed and my husband quickly understood that getting me to move anytime soon was a nonstarter – this was a one sitting read and I thank my lucky stars that I had the time to switch off the outside world and immerse myself in what proved to be a fabulous read.

I thought the author handled the characters with an encouraging sensitivity although I have to admit that there were times where I was left a little bemused by some of the situations, or perhaps that isn’t doing the story justice, it was more the fact that I think the author was so keen to get to the good stuff that some of the background info was almost glossed over. But in the scheme of things I can’t say it distracted me too much if anything it forced me to slow down and look at the details carefully.

The age difference didn’t mean anything to me, there may have been 15 years between the characters and Lily may have been the older of the two but there was a soul-deep connection that held the pair of them and me hostage to their journey.
I get that some may find the fact that Casey was similar in age to one of her children off putting but I would encourage you to put that aside and give this pair a chance to change your mind, they certainly brought a smile to my face, with their tastefully written beautiful relationship.
A first from this author for me and it won’t be the last, I’m a convert, a great read

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