Bergen Brothers: The Complete Series

by Krista Sandor

I love reading from a new author so when this trilogy hit my kindle, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

So here we go I will give you a short review for each book in the series:

Book One: Man Fast

Abby was a great character but after a few too many lucky escapes and having had her fingers well and truly burnt yet again she has decided to call time on letting men into her life… but don’t you just know it the minute you set your stall out and set about working on getting your own s**t together the man of your dreams waltzes through the door. What’s a girl to do?

Abby’s self-imposed man fast had the potential to fall apart at the first hurdle, but Brennan was worth it in my opinion!

Brennan was a great guy, I really liked him, he might have been the perfect personification of a playboy but his life wasn’t trouble free, because when his family decide that they have had enough of his carefree lifestyle and put their foot down, he is left with little option but to step up and be the guy that they need him to be. With Abby’s help can he achieve what initially might appear impossible? Or will the mystery of Abby herself be too much for him?

Their time together wasn’t straight forward but that being said their journey was a joy to read.


Book Two: Man Feast

Following hot on the heels of book one, Jasper and Elle brought all the angst of book one to their story and ramped it up to a whole new level!

To the untrained eye this pair couldn’t be less compatible if they tried, Jasper was a serious guy, an organised man that left nothing to chance and had his life down pat but Elle…well let’s just say that she wasn’t quite so put together!

Jasper had one small issue and that was the fact that whilst his head might have thought it had him all tied down, there were other parts of him that were willing to go with the flow and fate was making darn sure that he was listening to the signals that he was being sent, this woman was the one for him despite what he thought, luckily Elle was having much the same situation, because try as she might to keep to herself and keep her personal issues under wraps her heart was having none of it and despite the outward appearance of the lack of anything in common, this pair had more attracting themselves to each other than they could fight…the struggle was futile and that made for a glorious story,  getting Jasper past the guilt that he holds onto so tightly was beautifully written almost a fabulous as the intensity that the author ploughed into Elle, a woman desperate to make her own way in the world, overturning the wrongs that have befell here and to do it on her own terms.


Book Three: Man Find

After the first two books, I thought I knew where this was headed, I was so sure that I had Cadence and Camden pegged but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

It was most definitely not as straight forward as I thought, they made it hard on themselves and at times that was frustrating but stick with them because they get there in the end and watching them work it out for themselves was at times touchingly heart-breaking. More emotional than the other books this was a great read…I was urging Camden on all the way.


Bonus story - Elle & Jasper’s Adventure

A crazy ride if ever there was one, a complete mix of accidental adventure that tasked both Jasper and Elle to fact the opportunities in front of them and be spontaneous.

A short read that is not to be missed.


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