Misguided Truths Part One by Sarah Elizabeth



Misguided Truths Part One by Sarah Elizabeth


There have always been bits missing in this series for me, questions that popped into my head and made me wonder what the hell was going on- thankfully Sarah Elizabeth knows her readers and in this the first of two parts – we hear from Brandon as he fills in the gaps. And what a job he does.

The book starts from the beginning – way before Alexis, this truly is Brandon’s tale. This is his life warts and all.

It shows us everything that leads up to the death of his girlfriend Holly – the night that changed him forever.

I don’t want to say too much, because if you have invested in the first two novels then you really have to read Brandon’s story – it will give you the opportunity to really find someone to hate – and no I’m not mentioning any names but it had me screaming out loud at the bastard!!

 I’ve always had a soft spot for Brandon, a hankering that there was so much sadness behind him. In this we find out what that sadness is and how it came about and to be honest I think I love him even more now because how the hell he survived that I have no idea.

My heart broke for the boy that was Brandon, I shed more than a few tears for the love that he lost and for the situation that he found himself in.

I congratulate the author on a job well done, not just with this book but the entire series – Brandon is a joy to read as are the others that revolve around him.

I can’t wait to hear the remainder of his story and to complete his journey with him.


Rating 5 out of 5