Flawed by Cherry Shephard

Ladies, Cherry Shephard has opened the floodgates, get the tissues ready and settle in, this is one you will need time to recover from!!!

I read the first book in this series and was blown away, and when this one arrived on my kindle I just knew my reaction to it was going to be huge.

I read a bit about the author after the first book and I think that has helped me to appreciate the direction that she takes her characters. I gave my perceptions of the relationship between the author and the character’s clarity.

So onto the book, to these characters, to my reaction and my decimation!

Cherry brought me a story that gave me characters with a plight that had meaning and she gave them a voice that they so desperately deserved.

History dictates that as a race, as a species we should never be allowed to forget the horror that  man has the capacity to inflict on his fellow man and in our lifetime there have been many such occasions, none more devastating that the events of 9/11.

But while the impact of the events of that day will never completely be laid to rest for the majority of us, we were merely touched by the scenes that unfolded, horrified by the pictures but detached from the events in as much as they were happening to someone else, somewhere else…but what is that wasn’t the case, what if fate had written you and yours into the annuls of history, what if you survived that tragedy but the one you loved, your reason for breathing didn’t, could you go one, would you even try?

I couldn’t even to fathom how the author even began to get her head around this whole scenario when she set down to write this story but I am glad she did because I will always be thankful that I had the opportunity to read something that was so moving, so touching and so committed.

Keets is someone that that leapt off the page, his story was so deep, so intense and just so raw that it had me begging for an opportunity to just set his mind at rest, to give him a sense of peace that he so richly deserved but continually denied himself.

If I had one wish it would be that I could have had the opportunity to bring him to life, to have five minutes with him and the chance to tell him that he is a hero amongst men, but his survivors guilt was strangling him and it was a painful read, watching this strong character allow his soul to sink.

When he met Natalie, I was desperately hanging on to the hope that he would allow himself to be happy, but they were both damaged, both missing so much from their lives that they were struggling on a daily basis, and as much as they worked together, it was a work in progress for them to be together, my only question was, Did they have the heart for the fight it would take for that forever to last a lifetime?

This is a story that is completely rounded, it is a tale of what it takes to love, to live and to forgive.

A story that will have you reaching for the tissues on more than one occasion, in fact just keep them by your side and make sure you have plenty!

But it isn’t all doom and gloom, sadness and situations, it is funny, I mean proper funny, laugh out loud belly rumble. It has more than one occasion when you will be left shaking your head in complete disbelief.

But I have one problem…that ending!!! Really, gutted…I hate cliff hangers at the best of times, where this series is concerned, I hold my hands up and say really woman....you are cruel!!!!!!

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