by S.M. West

So, close, this was so nearly a full five stars that I feel slightly mean listing it as 4.5 but as much as I loved the story there was just something that I can’t quite put my finger on that has that 0.5 lingering in my back pocket.

From the very out-set this book spoke volumes of everything that a second chance romance brings to the page. It was stuffed to the gunnels with not only angst and attitude but a physicality that lit the very page.

When Evan Hart walked away from everything and everyone he knew, he left he destroyed the only person that he ever really cared about Carys Wolfe. He may as well have ripped his heart out and handed it over because she was his purpose, his reason for breathing and by denying himself the truth about how he felt broke her in the process.

Carys knew that Evan was the one that made her whole, so when he left, she lost not only the best friend she had ever had, but the possibility of a future with the only man she ever wanted…until he dropped the bombshell that he was going to enlist. I give kudos to the pair of them they tried to make it work, tried to forge a relationship but when Evan make another life altering decision without as much as a minute’s consultation it was obvious that the writing was on the wall, so when he vanished completely I wasn’t exactly surprised.

What did shock me was the fact that when he eventually reappeared, he almost appeared to expect the time the spent apart to be meaningless and that Carys would be there for him, ready to start over almost…well bad news Mr, she has moved on and I didn’t blame her for one single second.

But fate has plans for this pair, there connection is so deep rooted that staying apart may not be an option, they belonged together it was just a matter of how they were going to reconcile the past in order to move forward.

Oh, and the little matter of the real reason why he left in the first place????

Topic: Blue by S.M. West

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