Honored: The Mountain Man’s Babies

by Frankie Love

If you like a book with instant attraction then you need look no further, from the minute, and I do mean the very minute that Hawk and Honor meet there was just something between them that wasn’t going to be willing to wait around in the background.

Hawk needed to break the cycle that he seems to be in, he is no choir boy that’s for sure but he isn’t really a bad guy either, he just seems to be the sort of guy that jumps in without really thinking when others need help and that is exactly what was at the heart of his latest run in with his local law enforcement but after his last skirmish he is heading to the mountains for a fresh start with cousin in the mountains.

Honor, was a member of a cult, entered into when she was younger with her parents and after becoming a “sister wife” to Luke the cult leader she then went on to three children, she’s now come to realise that the life she has is not one that she wants and she has to protect her children, not only from that life, but also from her polygamist partner. Terrified of what she should do for the best, she finally acts, packs up her boys in her battered old minivan and hits the road heading to the one person that she knows will keep her and her boys safe…her friend Harper.

When they first met, neither of them are aware of just how connected their lives are about to become, because while Honor has already settled in with Harper and her partner Jax, what she doesn’t know is that Jax is Hawk’s cousin and the reason he is coming to the mountains, although she could very well be the reason he stays.

Fate obviously has a path in mind for the two of them but it isn’t as straight forward as I thought it could have been. There are misunderstandings and obstacles that they have to overcome but could they find their way to a much deserved happy ever after?

Topic: Honored: The Mountain Man’s Babies by Frankie

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