Wanton Heat by Nicole Marsh



Straight talking Ad Girl Zoe is heading straight for Osturo for the make or break deal of her life but she might as well have been travelling the depths of hell for all she cared because she had this her one shot at saving the company that she and her best friend own.  Having lost them their biggest client, Zoe knows that this is her last chance to keep their head above water.

Faced with the obstructive Prince Dominic Ricci, she has to win him over with the ad campaign that will see the development of Ancora, his neighbouring island which he is determined should remain unspoilt.

The pull between them is evident from the minute Zoe sets foot on Osturo but their characters are like oil and water – they couldn’t be further apart – and Dominic definitely sees her as a foe because there is no chance he will give his approval to her plans.

Zoe on the other hand sees him as just an obstacle to overcome on her way to securing the deal but it doesn’t hurt that he is drop dead gorgeous to boot!. Zoe won’t mix business with pleasure and Dominic sees nothing but pleasure because he sure as hell isn’t doing business with her – enter the realms of stalemate.

So with nothing to lose and the encouragement of Dominic grandmother, she resorts to kidnapping him – well I suppose it’s not really kidnapping when you end up stranded on your captive’s favourite island now is it?

But she gets more than she had anticipated when she sees that the Prince could very well be after much more than she is prepared to give. If he is looking for forever, he is looking in the wrong direction or is he???

Zoe has issues that make her reluctant to take a chance on any sort of long term relationship and the author handled the telling of those circumstances with sensitivity and aplomb. Zoe may appear to be a tower of strength on the outside but it just goes to prove that we should never judge a book by its cover.

Dominic on the other hand may appear complicated but to be honest he is actually a straight forward sort of guy. He knows what he wants and sets about getting it. It doesn’t hurt that he is filthy rich and gorgeous now does it! He is far from perfect but he is perfect for Zoe.

The solution that they come up with and the resolution to the relationship angst once they leave the island is fabulous – it really is good to read a story that takes you through the trials of learning to let go and love again.

Rating 3.5 out of 5