by Stevie J Cole


I was almost caught unawares by this book, I anticipated it being a really good read from the synopsis but what I hadn’t anticipated was the humour that the story contained and it was that humour that completely blew me away, this was laugh out loud funny and just the tonic for a dull day.

Jemma’s life is heading one way and that is down the pan! Her job on a kids show in Los Angeles comes to the most epic of ends when she falls victim of what can only be described as revenge porn, when an intensely private video of her and her ex-boyfriend is hacked and posted online. While it appears that no-one is 100% sure of who is responsible, it was enough to get her the sack and her woes don’t stop there.

Tyler is in LA and working as a stripper, but the lure of mega money is a temptation that he can no longer resist and as such he has taken the decision to make a move into the adult entertainment industry, plain old porn to you and me that is. I liked Tyler he was seriously hot but I just got the feeling that he was a good guy and that warmed by soul

Jemma is doing everything she could to keep her head above water and had taken a number of jobs while waiting on another acting role. But things are hard going and when her latest waitress job goes for a burton she really is beginning to wonder what is around the corner…but she never imagined for one minute that it would be Tyler…The man that almost broke her when she was just eighteen.

She is out on the town with her friend when the one man that she never thought she would ever see again is suddenly right behind her, a blast from the past that has her reeling.

Tyler never expected to see Jemma, his biggest regret, the woman that he let slip through his fingers and that he has never really gotten over but while she is in his grasp it is fleeting but it’s long enough for him to know that he doesn’t want to let her go again but his plan is thwarted when with the talent of Houdini, she slips is grasp and is off and running and he is left chasing behind in her wake.

The story is a handful, the two of them really run me ragged, the push and pull between them had me hostage to each and every page, I wasn’t sure if they really were ever going to be able get over their pasts or if there was still more to emerge that would rock what they were trying to start but I had no reason to worry because the author does a sterling job.

I liked their respective friends, Heather and Jake and it was almost through their hook up that the two of them actually get the opportunity to set sail on what might be their real McCoy but while it is far from a smooth ride, but heck it was funny!

Topic: Exrated by Stevie J Cole

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