Caged by Shay Savage

Oh my, I think I want a Liam all of my own – he is just so… everything!

Liam or as he is known in the cage – Takedown is just a fabulous guy, he is a hard as they come in the cage and shows absolutely no mercy but he is so funny and such a nice guy to Tria that he won me over – completely!

I had like many others I suppose expected to find a full on rockem sockem MMA tough guy and in some respects that is exactly what I got because Liam takes no prisoners when he steps inside the cage – he takes care of business and that is the business of winning – of taking down everyone in his path and getting the hell out at the end of the night.

Liam has a history that is not completely revealed but we do get to see that this man, may have come from a family with money but for his own reasons he turned his back on it and set about fending for himself, It hasn’t been easy and he is broke but he is making do and when his new neighbour moves in his days just seem to have become a little bit brighter.

His day to day, fight to fight existence pales into insignificance when he claps eyes on her and they skyrocket completely when she is in peril and he saves her. But can he be her friend and nothing more or could there be anything more on offer?

Well he is about to find out!

Tria was eternally grateful to Liam when he stepped in and saved her from being attacked and they strike up an amazing friendship but that doesn’t stop him trying to escape her friend zone label and I have to say it was downright hilarious.

Honestly listening to him trying to convince himself of what he was not only doing but should be doing next was just brilliant – I adored the fact that this was told from his POV, from inside his head because it was just such a super place to be.

Of course he gets loads wrong and I have to admit that I was stifling a giggle with most of that too, it was just so contrived but when he got it right, he made my heart swoon. I loved the fact that he really was like a fish out of water but he tried because she was worth his effort.

Now I don’t mean to miss Tria out in this review – she really was a great character – despite the serious craziness that her family bring to the tale. Really there is a whole new book on that alone – they need help!

But I loved Liam and I loved the relationship between Tria and him. I want to see where they are going next and what the author has up her sleeve for the two of them because together they are just so damn perfect.