Sexiest Dad Alive

by M. Clarke

This has been the most fabulous series so far and I couldn’t help but wonder just how much better it could get…I need wonder no more, this was simply exquisite!
This was writing of the very highest order and my humble mussing is never going to be able to do it justice.
I saw Josh in a whole new light in this story and Isla was simply perfect for him but nothing ever runs smoothly and for this pair they had the ultimate spanner thrown in the works when the one thing they could have never anticipated is thrust upon them.
The possibilities that lay before them were everything I would have wanted for them both but I found them clinging to the edge of being able to salvage their own normal out of the wreckage that is foisted on them. I wanted Josh to have a happy ever after, heck if truth be told I just wanted him to have a normal ever after and for it to be something he could retain but nobody gets everything they want or do they.
The story was emotionally devastating, it broke my heart seeing the pain that Josh was put through and the feelings that Isla battled as she was almost emotionally side-lined watching Josh deal with the fallout from his ex-Shelley.
This was deceit and deception at its worst and a true portrayal of everything one human being can do to try and emotionally destroy another, Josh deserved better and I was praying that he would get it.
Read carefully as the author will cleverly smash your heart to smithereens and then slowly but painstakingly allow you to gentle piece it back together…you will not escape this one unscathed, be prepared for the emotional quagmire that is the Sexiest Dad Alive, its enthralling!!!

Topic: Sexiest Dad Alive by M. Clarke

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