Sunset Sail by Shannyn Leah

This might be the third book in the series but for me this is my favourite so far and that takes some doing because the others have been sitting pretty high up the pecking order.

The resort is all set to move on to bigger and better things, their merger is going ahead and they’re all beginning to get their heads around what exactly that is going to mean for them. This is a family that don’t leave anything to chance. They have it all sown up and that is just the way they like it.

So in order to finalise all the terms and conditions between themselves and Cohen Cruise Line there is a little bit of schmoozing to be under taken. Now if I was offered a three-week cruise as part of my families upcoming fabulous business deal you would have to nail me down because I would be shimming my a** aboard that ship before you could bat an eyelid…but Emma Caliendo isn’t me and she has other things on her mind. Namely how to avoid Grayson Cohen and his womanising ways.

I like Emma and her family, I like the way they are so tight together, so connected, they are what you would want the perfect book family to be but Grayson could very well throw a spanner in Emma’s carefully laid out plans, he has the ability to addle her brain and she knows it and that is a feeling that she is not coping with that at all because Emma is firmly entrenched in her ways, everyone knows she likes things done a certain way and she has buttons that you just don’t want to push, but knowing her limitations and tolerance means nothing when she is struggling to keep her burgeoning desire for the delicious Grayson at bay.

Temptation is a b*tch but Grayson has it down to an art form. But I almost forgave him because he had a fairly unequivocal reason for being the way he was. He was hurt in the most painful of ways…being on the receiving end of a cheating spouse is horrific but when the ink on your marriage certificate is barely dry, it adds additional angst to an already raw wound, so it was no surprise that still reeling after his heartache, he wrapped his heart up so tight and unleashed is man**ore, with a new found commitment to a lack of commitment, he went through women like a duck through water…wham, bam thank you mam and don’t let the door get you on the a** on your way out!

But Grayson has an Achilles heel, a woman that could bring him to his knees…Emma so when she set foot on the ship, this trip took on a whole new perspective. While he might not be looking for a woman to warm his bed for the rest of his life, there certainly were plenty of evenings on board that he would be delighted to keep her company. Surely one or two nights was perfectly within reason?

Emma was a feisty, devil of a woman who was perfectly comfortable in a man’s world and while she was as sharp as a tack, she used her no nonsense attitude as a barrier that screamed to everyone to stay well back. But Grayson pushes her buttons, he is able to engage her in what turns pretty quickly into sexy banter.

I liked the fact they challenged each other, I knew where this was going but the destination wasn’t what I was looking forward too…it was what they were going to have to go through to get there that appealed to me.

Grayson knew what he was going to have to deal with, Emma wasn’t going to make it easy on him but would he make it easy on himself?

Would he see that he deserved to be happy and that Emma could be the woman that he could find that happiness with or would he continue to self-deprecate and allow his past to destroy his future?

Or will she beat him to the punch?

Topic: Sunset Sail by Shannyn Leah

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