Caught Up by M A Stone


Out of prison and drinking himself into oblivious. Aaron is on a downward spiral that seems to be gathering momentum.

Life inside for the murder of his wife, Angel – a crime he didn’t commit has left this strong man a shadow of his former self.

But determined to make up for lost time, he sets about trying to fit all the fun stuff he can think of into his life, I mean what is not to enjoy about being drunk almost permanently, sleeping his way though as many of the female population as he can get his hands on and as if that isn’t bad enough he only goes and gets pierced- I mean really!!!

Axel, Bleu, Beau and Matt are having hard time watching their old man trying to adjust to life on the outside but he has no intension of listening to them and their whinging – 20 years inside is a lot to make up for or so he considers. Bleu’s friend tries to works some magic and to help him see that what he is doing isn’t the path he needs to be on, but can she get through to man that is still reeling after what he has been through?

The relationship between them becomes more than anyone ever considered but they had an empathy for each other that I think far outweighed the age difference that fixated others. And I admire the author for showing that there is no justification for using age as a barrier to happiness. Nothing should be considered off limits when it comes to matters of the heart, because many of the taboo’s banded around in society are unjustified.

The whole family are ever present throughout the story and I have to say that they are completely absorbing.  They all have their trials and tribulations and I cannot wait to read what comes next.

This is a series that is improving with each story that is released. Great work by the author and I hope for a speedy release of the next in the series.