Bastard by J L Perry


These are characters that the author not only brought to life on each and every page but one’s with which I think she revived my faith in redemption.

Carter was nothing like I had anticipated.

He was definitely a product of his upbringing. His childhood was everything that you would hope NOT to have happen to you as a child. He grew up knowing that he was unwanted by his father and other members of his extended family but the terminology that was labelled towards him throughout his childhood left him with real self-worth issues. I could understand the damage that had been done to him psychologically and when he gathered himself up and moved out of the neighbourhood, I was rooting for him all the way.

Meeting Ross was the best thing that Carter could have ever imagined, he quickly became someone who was very important to him. But Ross’s daughter Indiana was an unknown quantity, he hadn’t bargained on ever feeling the way he did towards her and with respect to Ross eh really did try to fight the way he felt about her.

Indiana was a daddy’s girl and that was what I loved about her, she was a firecracker, she was confident in who she was and on the surface she was everything that Carter wasn’t but as with Carter, judging a book by its cover was a big mistake!

Because how you act isn’t always how you are, it is how you feel the situation you are in deserves you to be.

I knew in my heart that Carter wasn’t the man he portrayed to the world and I was desperate to see where their connection was going to take them.

Little did I know that the author was going to rip my heart apart.

I mean how cruel... five years apart really!

They spent far too long apart, before Carter was forced back to town and despite the fact that she has moved on, Indiana, when faced with the pang her heart feels when she was around Carter again has a decision to make.

Can they rekindle or do they move on?

Two strong characters who were perfect for each other.

They were complimentary in the most modern of ways, they were perfectly matched and no matter the public façade, the inner personalities were retained for them and them alone.

The author kept the story moving along at a completely believable pace, she dished up characters that warranted the time and attention she not only lavished upon them but also encouraged me as a reader to afford them the same luxury.

Characters that came to mean more with each and every page.

Super writing, super characters and spectacular storytelling… loved it.

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