Badd To The Bone

by Jasinda Wilder

While I will admit that I am totally hooked on this series and absolutely loved Brock Badd, I would have liked a little more time with him, Claire took up a lot of time but like the perfect gent, Brock was beside her every step of the way.

I thought that the author was able to show that whilst they were intensely physical, what they had was a deeper connection that just that.

Brock understood Claire, even better than she knew herself and that pushed all her reactionary buttons. She knew that she had the capacity to sabotage their chance at a happy ever after but she was in such a bad place that she was emotionally vulnerable and in that respect, I not only understood but respected her decision to spend time resolving the root of her issues. But would that mean she could work her way back to the man that owner her heart? And if she did would he w=be waiting for her?

I thought the story showed the Badd brothers, especially Brock to be a fabulously modern alpha male, strong, sweet but none the less totally alpha!

I loved that Brock was so caring, almost oblivious to the fact that Claire’s fantasy was a for something a little less mainstream…was he willing to step up to the plate (or window!) and give her what she craved?

Gorgeously sensitive, emotionally beautiful and scorching hot!!!

This has something for everyone!!

Oh and another thing, there is a fabulous a glimpse at the next book which I cannot wait to get in my grubby mitts!!!!!

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