Blow by Kim Karr


This was initially a bit of a slow burner but when the last half of the book sprung to life that was something I was  thankful for because from that point on the book blossomed into something that I hadn’t anticipated up until that point.

There were so many secrets flying around that keeping abreast of the whole situation required concentration but that was easy to give because I was completely hooked.

Logan belonged to a mob family and his connection was deep seated – three generations of his kin had belonged to the Irish mob before him but that history doesn’t mean that he is immune or protected by that loyalty because now he is back in Chicago – not everyone is happy to see him in the city.

His card has been marked and he is definitely persona non gratis, and neither his family connections nor his legal profession can do anything to remove that cloud from above him.

Elle is in Chicago for much more mundane reasons, but that is not to say that her story is less fascinating – if anything I was gripped by what she was going through. Her sister was missing and she was now in town to look after her niece but what exactly had her sister gone and gotten herself into this time?

Elle knew that her sister wasn’t exactly Snow White and much of what she dabbled in was on the wrong side of legal but she wouldn’t just up and leave… would she?

Logan and Elle meet under accidental circumstances and she draws a side of him to the fore that he hadn’t anticipated and when he realises that she is in more danger than she could ever possibly imagine, he cannot help but feel a sense of almost duty to protect her.

But with the knives out for him, is his interest actually doing her any favours or is he only adding to her woes?

I liked the whole mystery vibe that was going on, the hidden truths and criminal undertones.

I am anxious to know what exactly is going on with Elle’s sister and can Elle really trust Logan to do the right thing or should she be more careful about where she places her trust.

The story was great, it was well written, and almost chocked full of detail which really in some parts was too much. I was swimming in facts at some points and with all the subterfuge that was going on, it almost had me reaching for a note pad. I don’t bookmark passages on my kindle but this book, broke that habit for me and I have a sea of bits marked all the way through, if it were paperback there would be so many turned over corners it was be a sin.

The connection between Elle and Logan was fun to read but it was mainly chat and banter and although some of it was very witty, I think I was hanging for a tad more heat. They were a couple that I could relate too and that helped quash some of the angst I was feeling about some of the bits that had me on edge.

Be warned there is a cliff-hanger at the end and it is a beauty but it is absolutely necessary because it sets up the action for the next book beautifully because everything is finally coming to a head and I think it is going to be explosive.


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