Shield My Heart

by Laramie Briscoe


I whipped through the previous books in this series during the early part of this month in preparation for the release of this one and while this might be book nine! I have to say that it didn’t suffer for being this far into the series, the book stands tall not only as a separate entity but within the context of the series as a whole, I think I got more out of it by having read the previous novel, but the decision is yours.

I had my doubts about whether I was going to find what I wanted and needed from the story and that was primarily down to the fact that having had Dalton appear in a previous book, I couldn’t honestly put my hand on my heart and say that I liked him very much, he was a bit of an ass.

And initially, at the very onset of this book, I had that sinking feeling because it didn’t appear that he had changed his ways, he was still giving Mandy far too much attitude and if I could have reached into the kindle and given him a good hard shake, I would have done so willingly .

I was wavering a little as to whether or not this was going to turn itself around but I should have had more faith because the author was a little more accommodating than that, the way she wrote his story was almost as if she had pulled up a chair in the corner of his mind and was inviting me to take a seat. A ringside view to see not only who he was but why he did the things he did and by doing so, by being able to get inside his head I found that the guy I thought I knew was nothing like the real man at all.

I was still a little wary of the man but I will admit that he came good in the end, Yes he wasn’t always a nice guy, Yes, he gave Mandy more attitude than he needed too but it all added to the journey that were on and anyway it made the making up all the more interesting!

Mandy on the other hand, I was seriously losing the will to live with, dear lord woman stand up to him. She frustrated me so much, the fact that she just let him treat her as if she didn’t matter…I was hollering at her to find her self respect. I didn’t like the fact she almost allowed herself to wither and took whatever was on offer not what she deserved and she did deserve a darn sight more than she got.

Their relationship was at a crossroads, they had a decade behind them but would they make it any further, would they see that they had to give more to make it. And when push comes to shove, what exactly is Dalton willing to do to keep her safe?

There was drama in the story, not enough for me to call it out and out angst but certainly enough drama to keep be glued to the page.

Oh and Drew, way to go man!

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