Sweet Passions at Bayside

by Addison Cole

This is the story of Dean and Emery, both best friends with the characters that I fell in love with in the first book (Rick and Desiree).

Dean is one of the partners at the resort, with Rick and for the most part he looks after the landscaping and horticulture side of the business, a far cry from his previous role as a Trauma Nurse but one that he thoroughly enjoys.

A surprise party brought the two of them together but it was what they had between them that kept them in touch, Emery was only visiting Wellfleet when they first encountered each other but neither he or she simply could step away from their instant feelings and even when she headed home, they still spoke on the phone every day.

Things were playing on her mind and Dean was quick to pick up on the fact that not everything was right with Emery, so he offered her the chance to teach at the resort and since Desiree had offered her a similar opportunity there wasn’t much keeping her from relocating…but was it all business that was on the cards or would this self-confessed singleton, find time to open her heart to the opportunity of a relationship with Dean because he was definitely up for something more! Just you wait to you read what this guy has up his sleeve, he is fabulous!!!

With yet another stellar cast of characters, and an opportunity to catch up with previous pairs, this was everything I wanted from the second book in the series.

Highly recommended


Topic: Sweet Passions at Bayside by Addison Cole

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