Black Lilith by Hazel Jacobs

I have read more books based around sex, drugs and rock and roll than I would probably care to admit and I have to be honest there is only so far you can take that scenario…or so I thought because Hazel Jacobs brought this little corker into play.

From the minute the book started I have a feeling that this was a little more than I had anticipated, a little more than I think anyone would have initially anticipated.

Mikayla was a little odd, straight off the bat, she was a smart cookie but she had hang-ups that held her back and that she really struggled to get a handle on. So taking a job as a PA with a rock band … yep I had an inkling that her ordered life had just joined the rodeo!

And to top it all off throw the lead singer Logan into the melting pot and I was hands down impressed with myself because that man had her pegged as his from the get-go, it was all about the chase, bending the rules and breaking down her carefully constructed walls.

The banter between them was glorious, the humour was injected with absolutely brilliant comic timing and the fact that the story had enough WTF moments dotted throughout meant that I was completely hooked.

The band were simple epic, each of them in their own inimitable way brought a spark to the story, a story that was so much more than just a band and their antics. There was trouble afoot and the band was at the epicentre, they were caught up in a dangerous sub plot that rippled through the story. There were secret and lies afoot, deceit weighed heavily but could Mikayla and Logan find a way through the minefield, that was being plotted around them?

Topic: Black Lilith by Hazel Jacobs

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