Love Collides

by L A Cotton


These are characters that are very easy to fall for – they will completely captivate you and there story will it will have you totally engrossed.

Staci Jamesson grew up the baby girl in a family of three delicious older brothers that took their job of taking care of their little sis, very seriously,  add her father and his protective ways on top of those three and the outcome is Staci- a feisty, independent woman who is more than ready to take on the world!.

She stands tall on her own, never getting too close, once bitten twice shy and all that jazz, she has been there and bought the damn tee shirt when it comes to heartbreak and has no intension of ever allowing herself to be in the same situation again – so, for now she lives by one rule and one rule only – no commitment.

She is the epitome of a love them and leave them girl – one night is enough, she doesn’t do seconds.

So one night with Kade Ford is perfect for both of them because much like Staci – Kade is a once only kind of guy, relationships are an illusion, something that other indulge in but not him – he has no need or intension of heading down that route.

So they are the perfect match – the ying to each other’s yang – but can they break their habits in order to find a future that might just last a lifetime?

Well, first step on that agenda would be for the two of them to face the fact that what they are feeling is real, it isn’t going to go away and that in order to move forward they have to take a step back first and deal with the secrets and issues that they both have lurking in their pasts.

But if it was that easy the book would only be a few pages long.

This pair are as stubborn as you could possible imagine, really I had my head in my hands at times while I hurled abuse at them both through the screen of my kindle- just get on with it!!

The connection between the two of them was amazing – a blind man could have sensed the sparks flying from them both but they fussed and faffed around trying to find a way to not be together when they should just have swept it all aside and got the heck on with it!!

Really they were hard work! Worth it but definitely hard work!

But could they find their happy middle ground? And would that lead them to a happy ever after?  

Honestly the twists will have you hooked!