The Lost and the Scarred (Kingston City Limits #1)

by T. Marie Alexander

There was a lot going on in the book from the very outset and a lot of protagonists to get a handle on. There was initial angst between a couple of her family members, that laid a basis for the way Roxy’s life looked like it was heading but don’t get hung up on the initially dynamics because the story was so much more than that.

I found the fact that the story took its time to settle and to get all the fact on the table but once it did there was plenty of meat on the bones of the story and the situation between Wran and Roxy took over. It was more complicated that I think either of them wanted it to be, their story wasn’t straight forward, and there was an under tone of resentment on his behalf towards her, or more accurately her father, since he believes that Roxy’s old man was the guy that had led to the ruin of not just his own father but also his family. I could somewhat see where eh was coming from but that didn’t mean that I fully agreed with him but what I did agree with was the fact that he didn’t take long to realise that despite his reticence he couldn’t help the way he felt about her, he wanted to be her knight in shining armour , he knew that she was important to him and he was desperate to be the guy she could rely on, the one that will keep her safe and protect her from everything and everyone…but could he?

But by the time we caught up with Roxy, a few years later, the news that I was hoping for was not looking good. Yep Roxy was holding her own, working and keeping on top of her schoolwork, she’s been tight with her friend Josh and she has also learnt to deal with the fact that for the last three years she has been without Wran.

Dealing with life without Wran was tough, she felt as if he had taken part of her with him when he upped sticks and joined the military but as fast as he was gone…now she was facing up to the fact that he was back!

Fighting for the future that she so desperately wants and most definitely deserves, Roxy hasn’t had it easy up until now and that doesn’t look like it is about to change anytime soon because not only is Wran back but the spectre of her father having been released from prison is also looming large because this is a man that is determined to have his little girl by his side at all costs, come hell or high water.

There was so much that drew me in that at times I had to force myself to take some time out, time to absorb what was happening and sometimes to try and actually see the wood for the trees.

Not everything is as it seems, and some folk were put on this earth just to have me screaming at inanimate objects! I mean Harley...WTF

A proper angsty read that has me itching to get my hands on the next book….and if I can appeal to the author, all I want to say is please let Roxy get a HEA!!


Topic: The Lost and the Scarred (Kingston City Limits #1) by T. Marie Alexander

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