Boiling Point

by Tessa Bailey


This book is the story of Austin and Polly and I while it was decent read it wasn’t exactly my favourite of the series so far.

Austin and Polly were part of Derek’s task force and there was always an undertone between the two of them that made me think that they were heading in each other’s direction but there was so much that stood in their way that getting anywhere close to being together was not exactly going to an easy task.

Polly hasn’t recovered from the situation that her father’s deceit foisted upon her but rather than let it go, Polly is driven by her desire to garner vengeance. Austin on the other hand is on his own person mission of rectification and being on Derek’s team serves his purpose.

But are they able to contain the chemistry that flows between them, can they keep each other at arms-length or will their desires get the better of them?

Well honestly I wasn’t sure that I cared initially, they both had so much going on in their lives that I wanted them to fix themselves before they impacted each other.

Austin needed to be able to look himself in the mirror each morning, to see who he really was and to live with that, he also needed the woman he was with to be able to face the real Austin too, not the multiple persona’s that he was known to inhabit, but could Polly be that woman?

Could she conquer her own demons and allow Austin to see the woman that she barely allowed herself to be, the woman she hid behind the wall of control that she had so carefully constructed.

The two of them were complex and creative characters and I could have quite happily sat engrossed in the layers that made up their lives and the impact that their intricate connection was bleeding onto the page.

I liked the exchange of control that happened between them, the fact that Austin was able to maintain his inner Alpha, despite relinquishing some control to Polly.

I liked the fact that we have new characters that have been brought into the fold, ones that I think I am going to enjoy hearing from in the future.

So did I like the book, yes, I can put my hand on my heart and say yes I did. Would I read it again, again honestly, probably not, would I recommended it, if you have read the other books in the series, then yes this is one that you will not want to miss, it is an integral part of the story and should be accepted as such.

The characters are strong, they have a good story and require your attention but it is the depth meaning that you will be able to pull from the details that will have you hooked.

Tessa Bailey is an author that I admire, one that I will read as a matter of course and there aren’t many that fall into that category.


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