by London Casey


I haven’t read any other works by this author previously and that is a shame, because I have obviously been hiding under a rock, this was really, really good.

The story gave a perspective that I must say isn’t the one that I would have expected, it brought more depth, and a whole heap of attitude to the fore.

This wasn’t just dark, it was pitch black and there are some points when I was almost hyperventilating with anticipation. Some of the events are simply deadly to your health!

Finn meets Shayna on a night out at the fight club, little did he know just how close their lives would soon become.

As expected when it comes to books that connections to mob families, there is always a dangerous undercurrent that seeps its way into the very heart of the story and in that respect this had that component bang to rights because when it comes to Finn and Shayna there is nothing normal about the events that overtake their lives.

Finn was never looking for a hook up and Shayna was only ever interested in looking for her sister but somehow they found each other.

When Finn is put on the spot, his protective nature comes to the fore and oh boy did that have me swooning on the spot, his gut told him that he had to protect Shayna at all costs and he wasn’t willing to leave any stone unturned in his endeavour to do just that, but getting her pregnant surely that is an expectation too far!

I really liked Finn, I liked the fact that he had an edge about him, an element of arrogance but could he handle the force that was Shayna? This beautiful but headstrong woman was more than able to handle him but between the two of them they are neck deep in trouble.

There are so many twists and turns that at time it is almost impossible to keep up but you have to pay attention because missing details is not an option, you need to know all the fact because this is one story that will leave you in its wake if you don’t pay attention.

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