Roma King

by Callie Hart

The pace and tone of the book was what I expected but I will say that whilst I stuck with the characters, I didn’t always either like or understand them.

The author kicked the book of in a way that had me totally hanging on her every word and in true Ms Hart style, the level of surprise and suspense was never lacking but I was left with almost as many questions as I got answered. Perhaps that was the authors ploy all along, after all there is a second book to come soon but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was going on between the main characters, because there was something definitely a tad unusual about the pair of them.

I enjoyed the setting of the book and the whole Roma aspect of the storyline, it certainly played to the author strength…her detail. She stops at nothing to ensure that the book is full to the brim with all the feels, I just wasn’t getting the full-on connection that seemed to take hold and refuse to be either explained or broken.

I think once I have read the next book, I may change my tune but at the minute I will have to say that I was smitten by the drama but almost ambivalent to the romance.

Beautifully written this was a test, it forced me to plough through the fluff and take stock of the detail that was buried in the background. As a reader it was far from ordinary and that can never be a bad thing, it was wonderfully original and if I am correct, I think I will be totally won over by the time I have finished the next book Roma Queen …so the countdown is on until I get my hands on it!


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