Cage's Misconduct by Nikki Worrell


Dalton Booker may be Cage to everyone that knows him but there is more to this brash, bolshie goalie than meets the eye.

I am no hockey aficionado but I adore these books and of all the guys so far – Cage is my absolute favourite. He was an acquired taste so to speak but once we got to see the real man, not just the headline maker, I have to say I thought he was a sweetie and yes I know he would be spitting chips if he were ever to read that someone had said that about him!

Jody LaGrange has invited his sister to spend some time in town and since she has some time on her hands and Karen is ready to take a little time out. But her ever protective brother is determined that Cage is to keep his hands to himself  and having already broken Cage’s nose once for ogling his little sister – he lets him know that a second round is most definitely on the cards if he steps out of line.

Karen is a great character, she loves her brother and accepts his need to protect her but she is more than able to look out for herself, so Jody gets a swift lesson on not stepping in where he is not wanted. She likes Cage or Dalton as she initially calls him but his reputation precedes him and she is happy to be friends – without the benefits that Cage would love to add into the equation.

I loved getting to see the real Cage and I couldn’t help but think that this was a lonely man, he had no family in the area, he didn’t mix with the guys from the team unless absolutely necessary, he lived alone in a small beachside cottage and I just wanted to give him a hug. When he was talking about the fact he could cook but didn’t because it wasn’t worth it just for him, I had a lump in my throat, bless him.

But the connection that grew between him and Karen was a relationship that would last a lifetime in the making. They really were the best of friends and everyone could see the change in him.

But Karen’s visit was only temporary, she would be heading back to Canada at the end of the summer – unless she could find a way to stay but she was running out of options.

When they finally decide or should I say when Karen finally decides to give in to the feelings that she has been keeping inside, she is getting no complaints from Cage, he is more than happy to get with the program – hell he has been dreaming about having her beneath him for weeks – but in their hurry to get back home, their lives are shattered and everything that lay before them has shifted.

I knew when Karen’s nurse had to go and get Cage from his hospital room to calm her down that this pair were inseparable –that they would make it but how far they were going to go – I wasn’t quite sure.

Would Karen take him up on his offer of assistance with her problem, staying in the country, after all he did tell her all she had to do was ask him- cheeky sod!

I adored the fact the story was told from dual points of view, that they both had the opportunity to talk to me, to let me hear exactly what was going on inside their heads. Their inner monologues were so engaging and both of them had the, most fabulous sense of humour.

Two characters that knew their own minds and that together were as tight as a couple could possibly be.

I loved their fire, the combustion that sparked between them, I loved the fact that they were friends, that they genuinely cared about each other, that they spoke or messaged almost every day, that they riled each other but were willing to admit when they were wrong and that they could forgive and forget.

There was some situations that left me sad but they quickly brought a smile to my face when I it was clear that they didn’t share my sadness, they saw what they had and they looked for the positive.

When they kicker came at the end I was shaking my head but when I flipped to the last page, I knew why and I have to say since it sounds like I ‘ll be getting a bit more Cage and Karen , I finished this book a very happy camper!

Topic: Cage's Misconduct by Nikki Worrell

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