Jared by Nicole Edwards

OMG what is there not to love about this book, first of all it is Nicole Edwards and anyone that knows me would tell you that she could write the telephone directory and I would read it and secondly …the WALKERS are back!! WooHoo!!!!!!

Jared might be a cousin of the magnificent seven, the Walker boys but heck I ain’t going to hold that against him, he is every bit as fabulous as they are.

But this single dad has been through the mill with a bats**t crazy ex who didn’t seem to understand that being married meant that you didn’t sleep around. But when he eventually managed to get rid of her he fought tooth and nail to keep the best thing that came from his marriage, his son Derrick although I’ll leave that little nugget for you to discover for yourself because it is every shade of screwed up you can imagine, his ex, really was a nasty piece of work!

At the helm of Walker Demolition, Jared has plenty to keep him busy but that doesn’t stop Travis (Yep you remember him! Phew!) from asking him to take control of arranging a short break for the whole family. Now their family isn’t exactly small so when you start tallying up the head, it is a rather large gathering of over 100 people so when it is suggested that he gives Cheyanne’s relatives a call over at Dead Heat Ranch to see if they can fit them in, it seemed as if every last branch of the Walker clan was about to get its rodeo on at this dude ranch.

Taking the task to task so to speak, Jared gets with the program and contacts the ranch, but it isn’t until his first visit that he meets the powerhouse that is Hope Lambert, one sharp as a tack woman who has absolutely no time for a relationship. But dang, she can’t stop thinking about Jared and the feeling is mutual.

Neither of them are willing to commit, but they are definitely willing to explore a little something, something between them, a sort of friend is with benefits package if you like.

But when have you ever known a Walker to be able to not have his cake and eat it?

Jared might have thought he was onto a good thing with the delicious Ms Lambert but what he didn’t bargain on was the fact that once he started to get to know her he too would be true to that good old Walker curse…the lack of the ability to walk away from someone their heart has claimed as “mine”.

Hope was a stubborn as a mule, honestly I could have kicked her a$$ at times but I didn’t have to worry too long because her sisters were on the case and I have a sneaky feeling that when he asked Jared to get the party off the ground, Travis was stirring the pot too. I know this was a tried and tested formula but the story was every bit as enjoyable as I had thought it was going to be, I felt comfortable with the guys again and that made me very happy.

I almost feel guilt saying that I liked whole side issue that was running through the Jared and Hope story, the situation with Jared and his ex. I also loved the fact that Travis was flexing his sizable Walker muscle to get the whole thing resolved…the guy takes no prisoners and I loved it.

I am sure you don’t need me to wax lyrical about how much I loved this story, but that is mainly because when it comes to Nicole Edwards and her stories, I think I could be guilty of falling foul of the Walker curse and just claiming them all as “mine”

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