Big Bad Wolfe

by Elle Doolittle


The foolishness of youth – we all suffer from it but do we allow it to follow us into adulthood and would we hold on to something that was as fleeting as one night for 9 years, I think not but Sarah has done just that, after one drunken night at college and one amazing night with the guy of her dreams, it is over just as fast as it started and to top it off he has no memory of it in the first place – now to most that would be a blow to the ego that you would refuse to recover from but again not Sarah.

The torch she carried for him was one that despite it all she just couldn’t let go.

Now this I really struggled with – it made no sense to me but just as she had consigned him to the depths of her memory, he is back and this time the part he has to play not only in her life but that of her grandfather and his company may be more dramatic.

Falon Wolfe was Sarah’s one nightstand, the one she couldn’t let go but he was also, the person that had consumed her thoughts at college, the man she really did lust after but when tragedy struck and she was left with nothing but a familial duty to help her only living relative, her grandfather, he was the one that she left behind.

Falon was the only man that she had ever truly cared about, but all that was in the past because she really had never expected to see him again and she had convinced herself that he was the one that got away, the one that she had let slip through her fingers and that she would regret that for a life time.

That is until Falon, is back, back to trouble shoot her grandfather’s company and to help save it from ruin and while she knows exactly who he is, he has absolutely no idea about the part he has played in her life previously but he has an inkling of how he wants to be a part of it now because there is definitely a pull between the two of them and while he may be dealing business when it comes to the situation with the company, when it comes to Sarah, things are about to get way too personal.

The two of them dance around the houses a fair bit, they play a cracking game of cat and mouse but Falon has his walls built high around him and breaking through to the man beneath is not an easy task.

Falon was a complicated man, he as a tough talking, no nonsense type of guy and in a way I quite liked that about him, but the relationship with Sarah was far from easy, the history that came to light between the two of them was complicated and in a way I found that I resented Sarah for the way she not only had behaved but for how she was behaving now.

But in all I liked the story, I like the conflict and the attempts to resolve the mistakes of the past even through there were some aspects that bewildered me.

I got Falon, although I wasn’t sure that I was actually supposed to and in a way I also got Sarah but not on the same level.

The edges were a little loose and the story a tad on the drawn out side for me but it had potential and would like to know what happened to them afterwards.