Vintage by Xavier Neal

Picking right up from the end of Classic, I was thrilled that I had the opportunity to read these back to back because I think I got a more intense read.

Everything that Xavier writes is destined to blow my socks off but this I have to say was a more tactical read, because I knew that Merrick and Jovi were going to be in for the ride of a lifetime.

Together they are an amazing couple, the love between the pair of them is well established but in this book it is about to take the two of them to the limits of their endurance.

How do you survive when you potentially you are levelled with a choice between the two men you love the most in the world? 

Can they survive the fact that being the Commissioners daughter is a weight that just might break their souls?

Can they keep their relationship on track or will the course they thought they had plotted out, to change the course of the rest of their lives?

I was chomping at the bit for this, honestly the story is addictive or maybe that is just Merrick that I am hooked on. But I was desperate to see what Ms Neal has in store for this couple.

I was completely totally absorbed, I was curled up on my chair shouting at the kindle and drawing disparaging looks from the unsuspecting family members that surrounded me, I had no control it was almost as if I had been consumed by the storyline.

I smiled, shouted and sniffled my way through the events, I blushed at the steamer side of the story, damn that man knows his way around his woman!

Merrick just blows my mind, he really is so much more than the maverick racer with a hankering for all things fast.

With Jovi he is the support she needs to find her way in the world, he supports her every step of the way and for the first time she is out from underneath the shadow of her father but for how much longer?

But he is not the only one to show that they know what it takes to be the shoulder that the person you love can lean on, with Jovi, Merrick has the opportunity to let down his guard and think big, accept that he has talent, his art could be his way out of the illegal racing and with Jovi at his side the two of them may have their forever… well that is after they face their biggest hurdle. Her father!

They both know that they will eventually have to let her family in on what is going on between the two of them and in their hearts they know it is not going to be a smooth ride.

Oh, and ladies there is more of the remaining McCoy brothers in this book and the formidable Knox.

The cliffy at the end was bigger than I had anticipated and completely out of the blue, I didn’t see it coming but it didn’t disappoint it just fuelled my desire for the next book… so please chop chop Ms Neal, I don’t think I can wait too long, I have a McCoy to lust after!!