Falling Down by Anne Mercier

Stick a rock star in the story and I have to say you have me at the blurb!

This was my first read from Anne Mercier and I have to say it was a decent enough romp.

Jesse was a great character, he had alpha(ish) tendencies that I thought he had room to grow and expand into but over and above that I thought he just seemed like a really good guy. He was as sexy as sin but he knew it and used it to his advantage but to be honest wouldn’t you if you had the chance?

But when he and Lucy got involved it set my head spinning because he didn’t hang back, he threw himself into a relationship with no room for manoeuvring, and this man was all in!

I have to say that the pull between the two of them was so full on that it was difficult not to get sucked in to it with them and Ms Mercier had that emotion bang to rights. I was sold.

Lucy had kept her mother especially on the right side of happy when she followed the expected path into film but she was living a life that I wasn’t really convinced that she was happy with.

She had held a crush for Jesse for years but other than a glancing blow of a meeting while passing through the airport – they had, had no interaction and even those few moments could hardly be described as deep and meaningful but was it enough – well for Jesse it was and when he gets his chance years later to get his hands on the one that got away he is so determined it is bleeding brilliant!!

The story was funny in places with some fantastic secondary characters who I am sure will have more to say and show us as the series continues because they were far from superficial.

The story was great but that is not to say it was perfect there were moments when I shook my head at the antics and could feel my inners shrivelling at the content of some of the conversations – did it make me want to stop reading – hell no but what it did do was force me to stop and re-read because sometimes it was not what was being said but my interpretation of how it was being conveyed.

Despite my minor irritation with some of the conversations I am looking forward to reading the next book because to be honest I am not sure if the problem might not be me!