Roofie by L Grubb

A one-night hook up, how wrong can it go…well if you are Roofie and you are liable to put your foot in your mouth the answer to that is catastrophically belly up!

They may have been able to leave that night where they thought it was going to be, over and done with, had Roofie not opened his drunken mouth and put his foot straight in because the only thing he managed to do was succeed in earning himself a spot on Gemma’s very, very p**sed off side and that is not somewhere that a sensible person wants to be.

Reigning in her temper Gemma promises herself that she is keeping well out of his way but that is easier said than done because once Roofie actually realises what he has done he is determined to prove that he didn’t mean what he said.

A wounded heart is not an easy thing to mend and words cut deep, so he had his work cut out for him but throw in her attitude and I couldn’t help but stifle a giggle, they were going to be phenomenal.

The chemistry was amazing, Roofie was every bit as hot as you would imagine him to be, he had an attitude that was so intense, it served him well in the ring and I suppose winning over Gemma was just as tough a fight.

They had a lot to get over, not just some ill-timed and hurtful words, and a stubborn streak that was a mile wide, they had deep seated issues that they had to work out, events and people from their pasts that had formed and shaped them into who they are today and moving forward meant leaving their past behind them and to be honest I wasn’t sure that they could but it was fun reading them try!

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