Magic Unfolds by N.L.Greene


Magic Unfolds By N L Greene

Book Two in The Mystic Seekers Series

Following on directly from the first novel in the series- Illusions Begin, this is the continuation of Becky’s story. From the very beginning the book will have you hooked, putting it down will not be an option!

Things are tough for Becky, Blaine has disappeared and because of her father’s illness she is left with no choice but to step up and run the family business, all this while placing her passion for magic on the back burner. She accepts her fate in a way and with barely a grumble just gets on with the hand that she has been dealt.

Losing Magic and Blaine in one fail swoop is a lot to handle for Becky but Ethan steps up for her in this story. And boy, it’s hard to choose which of the guy’s side to be on! I thought Blaine was a catch but to be honest I may be switching allegiances to Ethan after this book – he is hot! And did I forget to reiterate he is a Cop – I mean what is not to love about a smoking hot member of law enforcement!

You may wonder why I haven’t mentioned Lance so far – well if I could blot him from my mind I would be one happy lady – the man is a complete arse!! Worse than ever you will see him in all his glory and be prepared to see him in all his – he is not a pretty sight!!

We are introduced to the new tenant in Becky’s building a secretive girl by the name of Samantha and while she didn’t offend me in anyway, she’s just a little odd. She has her own secrets to reveal but so far she has keep them very close to her chest but I am sure that book 3 will open her up a little more to us but I did like the fact that when needed she was read to step up an help Becky.

Over all the book was everything that the reader would have wished for following on from Illusion, it is deep enough to be a tad unsettling at points but it is overwhelmingly engaging as to render the entire book enjoyable. The characters are developed to the point that we can see them as rounded individuals and the storyline is in depth and detailed.
Becky held my attention and earned my admiration. She is grew in my estimation and for that I can’t wait to see how her story unfolds in Book 3.

Overall, an engaging read that ends leaving you counting the days till the next novel

Rating 4 out of 5