Chaos by Timberlyn Scott

Sebastian and Payton finish their journey in this book three of the fabulous series by Timberlyn Scott.

The book has it all and I defy anyone not to hold their heart as Sebastian’s life is laid bare before him and his secrets are not only revealed but resolved. This man has been through so much and has barely managed to hold onto his sanity but with his rock (Payton) by his side, he has the strength to face his past head on and open his heart to his friends in his quest to find answers.

Hitting hard on the heels of book two we pick up after the carnage of the race and the explosion. With Leif and Sebastian in hospital, although Sebastian’s stay was only fleeting, leaving rather abruptly when Payton was prevented from being by his side. Leif didn’t fare so well, he had more significant injuries but he had his family, because did Sebastian’s father show up after Payton called to let him know what had happened, no, not a chance!

After failing to get an answer from Conrad she had reached out to Lauren.

Did Lauren share that information, not a hope in hell but the reason why exactly is not divulged until later in the book.

And as for his sister, no contact either, why are they staying away and what can Sebastian do about the fact that he has finally been completely ostracised by his family?

Fears and misgivings are growing for Sebastian and with nothing left to lose, he finally completes the purchase of his house and with help of his friend’s moves out of not only his father’s home but his business also.

Standing alone, Sebastian has Payton and they both have a fantastic group of friends, so once Sebastian opens up to her about his fears concerning the circumstances surrounding his mother’s death, Payton does what she does best, she stands tall with her man as she gets him to open his secrets to the whole group, together they can work on finding answers. Sebastian discovers that not only do his friends understand his concerns but they have some of their own.

Payton remains at Trovato Inc., hoping that by being inside the company she may be able to use her position to discover the truth but when Conrad confronts her about Sebastian quitting his role in the business, she is dealt a hammer blow and when the reprehensible Trevor is brought on board – her life is not going to be getting any easier with that sleaze ball in the office every day.

Secrets, once they are out in the open take on a life of their own and unveil details that have the potential to be devastation to the relationship between Payton and Sebastian but this pair are made of stronger stuff, they have an unshakeable bond that determines that regardless, they belong together and that NOTHING is going to tear them apart.

The key to the mystery is finally unleashed and from the most unexpected source but once this piece is known the other pieces of the puzzle click into place.

You will learn the truth about not only Lauren and Conrad but also about Trevor and if you are anything like me, I was looking across the pages hoping that someone with a bat was round to knock his head off his shoulders!!

The climax of the whole mystery was excellent and I have to say the conversation between Sebastian, Payton and Conrad following the situation at Trovato Inc. was so touching, that it brought a tear to my eye. I wanted this boy to have a family, to have what he had never had, his dad!

Someone to care for him because of the wonderful man he had become, not because of obligation or duty. Conrad has missed the obvious and because of his weakness he had missed the gift of a lifetime, the chance to watch and participate in his son’s life.

Payton and Sebastian are wonderful characters and their story is not only interesting but poignant. It made me not only want to scream at them at times but to cry for them both also.

It gave me hope that they were strong enough to survive but had me biting my lip with worry that some things are just too big to ever get over. It showed me that no matter what, resolve and friendship can hold you tall and lift you from the depths of despair.

I look forward to Leif and Aaliyah’s story and I hope that we get to keep in touch with Sebastian and Payton.

Unhinged is a super short series, one that gives life to the formidable alter ego of the magical Nicole Edwards – Bravo!!