Our Moon

by Jennifer L Allen



There are times when this is just the sort of book my heart needs to read and one look at the blurb and I know that I am feeding my soul just what it was looking for. Because this is an honest no holds barred romance – one that will refuse to let you go and will from page women have you tied to your kindle/e-reader/book – whatever – you will not be able to put it down.

Survivor of a devastating accident that killed both her parents – Ally has fought back from deaths door and is now after 12 months she is beginning to take the tiny, tiny steps needed to rebuild her life.

The book is told in two parts so to speak and from two distinctive points of view – both of which you really need to hear.

Ally’s POV is of course told in reflection of everything after the accident and it was an evocative read. The fact that she was now out of her coma and doing what she could to move on, was brought to life so exquisitely but I was so sad that she couldn’t remember her brothers. The pain that I could pick up almost behind each word was so intense, I really felt for what she had been through.

But they were in it together and along with the guys that were in the band with her brothers, when she went home they all began their quest to help Ally remember who she was.

To help her build her new life.

The guys were family – almost blood really they had been together so long – they had supported each other while Ally was ill and they were almost ready to make the big time, they had their deal and were on the road so to speak – but could this normality shake her memories free from the cloud they were hiding behind – they could only cross their fingers and hope.

Could she remember what she had, had before?

Would her soul remember who she loved and who loved her?

Could she see the man who was slowly, desperately hoping that this woman would give him his heart back when she remembered how much she meant to him?

Chase was in the band and it is his story that is told in the second half of the book and his POV gutted me. It was told from before the accident and it had me in tears and more than a little ready to throw in the towel.

I knew where the story was going because Ally’s present POV had already clued me in on that but when I got a good look at the before and after I couldn’t help but be blown away by not only the ingenuity of the author but the emotional fortitude that she bestowed on her characters – this books was a breath of fresh air and a beautiful story told with the deftest of touches.

But before I go I have to say that I hope that we get to hear more of the other guys – Alex and Trevor her brothers were truly brothers that she could be completely proud of, they loved her without exception and I was so sad for what they had gone through, not only losing their parents but fighting so hard to save their sister. And well Joey – (and his wife) who while maybe not super prominent in the book – they too were fab! I can see a tale or two to come from those guys.

But overall I have to say that I loved the humour and charm that flowed. The banter was laugh out loud funny at times but the connection and relationship that they shared was special and I would absolutely love to read more from them all.