Shadow of Doubt

by P.A DePaul


Since this is only book two then I have high hopes for the remainder of the series.

Shadow of Doubt is a ride that will push and pull you along with it as it runs amok across your kindle or as the pages flip through your fingers.

It was a smart move on the author’s part to switch things up from the scenarios that we encountered in book one, it ensured that Shadow of Doubt had its own pace and it held true to what it has to say.

This is not just a story of romance and relationship it has a tougher edge to it, an undercurrent of mystery and right from the get-go, we are left looking for more from Michelle and Jeremy. Having been part of the team that rescued a battered Michelle from hell years earlier – I think he always knew that she would be back in his life, I mean when he gave her his name and number all those years ago – he made sure she knew that he would be there if she needed him again – it was just a matter of waiting for the call.

But their next meeting though is not until significantly later than I had hoped and neither of them are willing to take what they can see at face value.

I was intrigued by the events that the author wove through the story, there was a little bit of everything and I have to say that what I liked best what the connection between Jeremy and Michelle.

Although they fought what they knew they were feeling inside, I mean a blind man could see there was no running away from it but damn did they take their sweet time getting together.

Michelle’s past can be described as having been painful at best and at its very worst it could be positively described as heart-breaking but she is a tough cookie and is prepared to fight what tries to hold her back in her determination to be the woman she wants. It is not all plain sailing but there is no keeping her down – and I thought that was a powerful message to send – life is a series of events that may shape you but doesn’t define you!

Jeremy is a fighter in every sense of the word, this military colossus has his head screwed on but that is not to say that it is cloud free, he battles demons on a daily basis and keeps his heart under lock and key but it takes mental strength to be able to do what he does day in day out, people’s lives depend on him and his ability to isolate his feelings- but is this a trait he has mastered too well?

The group and the guys made for this being a phenomenal read- I loved it. I loved the pace and flow of the story, the fact that I had to learn to expect the unexpected and that the two of them made me wait until they eventually got to where they needed to be.

Waiting with baited breath for book 3