Deviant by Jaimie Roberts

You will need time to process this book and more importantly how it will make you feel.

The book is one that will drag you along with it and constantly kick your butt along the way.

It point blank refuses to lay down and be ordinary and I have to say that made for the transfer of this book from the realm of being a great book to being one that in my opinion is just down right astonishing.

Books like this do not come along often but I have to say you really should pay attention to the blurb issued by the author because when she says that this is no fairy tale- BELIEVE HER SHE IS NOT KIDDING!!!!

My emotions got a much needed work out when it came to this book because I don’t think I have one single solitary emotion left that has not been hung out to dry. I have laughed, cried, gasped and laughed. I have been amazed at the depth of feeling a few words imprinted on a page were able to instil in me – I was spent completely by the end.

The book is Dean and Tyler’s story and it follows them from early childhood.

Inseparable as children they knew from way back that they belonged together, the love they had for each other was both limitless and timeless. But when Dean leaves, Tyler is left with nothing more than her memories and his promise that he will be back.

Of course that never happens but as she devotes her life to the usual stuff and nonsense, growing up, getting a job and all the same banal crap that we all deal with on a day to day basis but Tyler has one thing that most of us don’t and I have to say thank god!- she has a stalker or as she likes to refer to him “her stranger” now I asked myself at this point – if she had a screw loose because to be quite honest I could quite grasp how she handled the fact that her stranger seemed to insert himself into her life however he wanted and she didn’t seem to bat an eyelid about it – honestly it was seriously creepy.

But then again as the story continued I started to believe that she knew who it was all along and it was her connection to the past.

Little did she know that her being ok with what was happening was as far from being the right move as she could possibly be, because told from both points of view – Dean is one sandwich short of a picnic, he is seriously deranged and the focus of his rage is Tyler and he is determined to make her pay- for the slight she has done him, be that in his head or not – it is damn well real to him.

Honestly the guy is seriously unhinged. But worse than that he is also rich and on the wrong side of the law- intentionally!

I don’t want to give too much away because the book deserves your time and attention.