Kissing Katie by LT Kelly

This is a case of don’t judge a book by the cover, because I will hold my hands up and say that when I clocked the cover I wasn’t exactly sure that I had the right book.

The blurb sounded amazing and I wasn’t entirely sure that the cover went with what I had envisaged but nevertheless I ploughed in. And thank goodness that I did.

This is a very clever book, one that is captivating from start to finish and so exquisitely written it almost flowed right off the page.

Katie is widowed following the death of her husband in the war and she is doing everything she can to get by, life is not a daily grind so to speak but it is no picnic, she works hard and her life is dominated by raising their daughter Jessica daughter alone.

I loved the values that the author imparted into Katie, the ethics and the sense that just oozed from every pore, every single ounce of her was a mother first and foremost, her own happiness and wellbeing took second place to Jessica and that is clearly illuminated on each and every page.

When Katie met Evan at the subway you didn’t have to be a genius to realise that she was definitely not interested and it was just out of sheer politeness and maybe a little self-preservation that she  accepted his number because going anywhere with this hot young man was not on her agenda anytime soon, she had a child to raise, so she threw his number in the trash at the first available opportunity, but like Katie little did I know that he was about to rear his head again and this time she had no getting away, he was in the hotel where she worked.

I liked Evan, and not only because he was a sexy as sin rocker, although that is never a bad thing in my book, no I really liked him because I couldn’t help but smile as he made the first move at the subway and he didn’t let her off the hook when he spotted her again at the hotel. It was a sharp move inviting her to the concert and while I was sure she would find a way to wheedle out of attending, I was delighted when her friend Mel managed to get her to finally agree to go.

But the timing is all wrong and no sooner is she opening up to him, than his band begin to get noticed and he is off. My heart broke for her at this point, when will she just cut a break, abandoned again, she reeling and despite his reassurances that he can and will explain everything, I could feel her despondency through the screen of my kindle.

History it seems is determined to keep this woman down. And I would kick its butt given half a chance, I mean come on karma play far!!! She deserved so much more, I was just crossing my fingers that both she and Jessica would eventually get her happy ever after.

The story skips along at a fair pace and I was so engrossed that I didn’t even realise that I had finished until I suddenly run out of words…really what’s all that about.

There was so much going on that it was impossible and I do mean completely impossible not to become totally invested in their relationship and the what’s and if’s that surround them.

This story will have you oohing and ahhing all day, it will melt your soul but will they get what you desire for them?

Well, you will need to read to find out for yourself but what I will say is that the author leaves nothing to chance in the steamy sensuous department and if Katie doesn’t want Evan, I’ll have him!!!

Topic: Kissing Katie by LT Kelly

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