The Sins that Bind Us by Geneva Lee

There are words that can be used to describe that empty feeling that you get when you have been emotionally wrung out, but for the life of me I don’t think I could find them at the minute if I tried. I feel completely devoid of anything remotely resembling normality, I have been emotionally broken by this author and her creativity.

I feel bruised, emotionally beaten to a pulp but happy to have the experience because this is an incredible read.

Addiction in any form is not a subject that can or should be taken lightly and Geneva Lee, leaves you in no doubt about the magnitude of the situation as the story of this book unfolds. Her brutal honesty of the true horror of the situation can only enforce the severity of the situation that is faced by so many on a day to day basis.

I applaud the author for a story that leaves nothing behind in it deliverance of what can only be described as desperate cold truths.

Faith is doing everything she can to make sure that hers on doesn’t have the experiences in life that she did, he suffered the sort of upbringing that doesn’t nurture you but forges a rod of steel through your soul.

But when Jude Mercier appears on her horizon, she has another dilemma to face because this tattooed bad boy may try to sweep her off her feet, but she needs safe anchor, not the storm that she feels he will impact on her life, but keeping clear may not be as easy as she thinks.

Jude is a true force of nature, the sort of man that oozes attitude but is it all a front? Is his tempered exterior nothing more than a shell that hides a less arrogant attitude because when this cocky man finds his groove and lets others see what is on the inside it is far less intimidating that one would think?

I thought both Jude and Faith were fabulous, they had reason to be the way they were bit would they have reason to be the way they were together or could the find a middle ground with which to rest their newly found even keel. Could they provide balance and peace or would life continue to throw struggle sat them that they would continually have to face?

I sincerely hoped not but the author didn’t make the story and easy one for me as the reader, she tortured me with the internal angst that Faith fielded on a daily basis in a bid to try and fight her internal; war,…but it was one that she was never going to win. Jude had too much of a pull for her ever to get her own way, well not entirely.

I took every breath with the characters as I felt bound to them every step of the way. The story was much, much more than I could have ever anticipated and that blew me away

Topic: The Sins that Bind Us by Geneva Lee

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