Incredible You

by Lili Valente


If I can take anything from this book it is the fact that I have discovered an author that I really enjoy, I loved Ms Valente’s writing style, the way she was able to inject not just personality but out and out humour into both Shane and Jake.

Jake Falcone is the man that has his female fans not only getting hot under the collar but willing to do almost anything to get under the covers with this sexy as sin hockey god. But his current situation means that he is treading a more considered path at the moment, the situation he is faced with has him reeling but determined to clear his name and with the help of the club and the delicious Shane Willoughby, he is going to stop at nothing to set the record straight.

I liked Jake, he was a good man, his heart was most definitely in the right place and if you were important to him there is absolutely nothing he wouldn’t do to make sure that you were not only safe but also loved. But his ex was willing to hit him where it hurts, she took her fight with him to a whole new level when she accused him of something that he just doesn’t have it in him to do…hurt her. I hated her instantly and was quietly hoping that she was going to get her a** handed to her on a plate!

Shane is a fantastic character, in fact I would go as far as to say that she is one of the best female characters I have read this year, she is feisty, sharp as a tack and funny as f**k! Not having always had the easiest options open to her she has almost grown into her own skin, she moulded herself into a woman that she could be completely proud of and in my opinion that made her beautiful both inside and out.

The fact that his lunatic ex Keri has accused him of assaulting her is his worst nightmare because no matter the rights and wrongs of the situation, in the mega world of sport as a business, the truth seems to play a backseat passenger to perception. The club needs the public to be on their side, bad publicity is something they can do without…but can Shane help to Jake’s clear his name and win the fans over?

From almost the minute they met, it was obvious that they had something special, or at least they could have, but would they be able to overcome the pitfalls along the way….and there were plenty of them!

I will say now though that I loved the epilogue that the author gave the two of them and I know by saying that might have you wondering why I haven’t told you more about the story but I want you to read the book not my summary of it, this pair are worth reading so go on give them a go!

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