by Prescott Lane

There is nothing else to say other than be prepared to swoon at the perfection that is Mateo…I was a quivering mess!

I would say that this is a rebirth story, so many women will be able to empathise with Emerson, starting out again after the painful conclusion of her marriage, divorce is never a pleasant experience but once the paperwork is signed, the rebuilding has to begin, moving on with life.

I understood Emerson, I liked her and I wanted nothing for than for her to be happy and when she met Mateo I was a happy camper, he was who I would have chosen for her, heck I would have picked him for myself if I was her.

The story had everything I was looking for and it was all beautifully wrapped up. This is romance writing at its very best, it will make you blush, it will make you cry and it will make you smile but most of all it will make you very, very happy!


Topic: THE SEX BUCKET LIST by Prescott Lane

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