What The Hail 

by Lani Lynn Vale

I have come to the conclusion that I don’t think I would mind having my car repossessed by the guys at Hail recovery because darn it they are all smoking hot!

I love that each of Lani’s guys brings something new to the page but that they all share the fact that they love with every single fibre of their being. These are men that you want to belong too! And with Baylor, I think I have found the guy that can repossess me anytime! He was a total gentleman, with an obvious but not overtly alpha streak running straight through to his very core, at time she gave off a menacing strong silent type vibe that had the hairs on the back of my neck standing to attention but on other occasions, I could feel my heart swoon for him, he won me over completely. I thought he was fantastic, and with Lark the chemistry was a barely containable fizzle, they sparked off each other and with a humour and intensity that refused to be tamed, they set the story alight.

We had met Lark previously but what I knew of her was scant to say the least and the author had deliberately made that so, because in this book, she got the opportunity to tell her own story, to explain her past and to show her strength and boy was she a strong woman, she had lived through so much heart ache that I couldn’t contain the tears that I shed for what she had suffered. I wanted Baylor to be her man, because I knew that he would love her like she deserved, he would worship the ground she walked on and protect her from everyone that had the capacity to hurt her, especially the ones of her past, because let’s face it with him by her side, she was surrounded by a love that was Kevlar coated.

I am awaiting the next in the series with baited breath and a desperation to find out more about the tortured soul that is Dante.


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