Just Like in the Movies by M B Feeney


There comes a time when you have to take a good hard look and make a decision on whether what you have is really what you want – this time had come for Ava and as much as she was determined to stick her head in the sand in some respects, you can’t run forever and despite the appearances of happy ever after, if what you have is a shadow of that, then you have to take stock.

Ava has done just that and her life is dealing her a crappy hand at the minute she is up to her eyes in mundane and she has to shake out the cobwebs, so with her best friend Erica in tow, the two of them take off for a short break and a bit of re-evaluation. You go girl!

This short story makes sure it makes good use of every word on every page, nothing goes to waste, and these ladies are in for one very enlightening trip.

Ava is a complicated character in some respects but I found that she was very easy to relate too, she had that fantastic female trait of carrying the worry of the world on her shoulders down to a fine art, she really believed that she could make it all better if she tried harder, no matter what those around her were adding to the mix but she also had a short fuse which meant that she wasn’t always able to engage her brain to mouth filter, which I loved.

But she could have enjoyed her vacation a lot more if she had just taken her time to absorb everything and everyone around her.

But it her time away did have the desired effect, when she returned home, because the time apart has illuminated the fact that her relationship was truly over and both her boyfriend and her agree to part ways.

So here she is a new found singleton, ready to take on the big bad world and finally let a little happiness in – I hope so she needs to kick it up a little!!!

This was a simple but effective look at the world of one woman and the journey she embarks upon to accept that a happy ever after starts with being happy on the inside.

A great, quick but short read – loved it.