This Old Heart of Mine

by A J Compton


I will wave the white flag of surrender now, because after two days, my heart still has barely recovered from finishing this book, this is most definitely firmly embedded in my DO NOT DELETE file, my MUST READ AGAIN bundle and at the top of my current …TELL EVERYONE ABOUT IT campaign!!!

This is quite simply a book that almost defies description, it surpasses words that a mere mortal like I can find to quantify the impact that it has had on me. I couldn’t possible rate this, it would be an insult, five stars are quite simply not enough.

With the year still only 5 months old, I have for the second time this year been completely gutted by a book. This is so touching, so heart-breaking that I can only apologise for anyone that was nearby as I read it because me, crying ugly must have been a traumatic experience…sorry!

Heart transplant survivor Ava is living the life she never thought she would have the opportunity to enjoy, growing up with the spectre of a life limiting heart condition meant that options were limited but now she has this new lease of life she is determined to let nothing pass her by.

I loved the relationships that Ava formed throughout the story, her relationship with Finn at first and then the fabulous Gabriel (you may have guessed I loved him!)

I can’t tell you what happens between the two of them, really I wish I could but I would be cruelly taking away the element of surprise that you deserve. I loved the poetry that infiltrated the story, the secrets that were unveiled and the emotions that were played out to full effect.

The characters were the perfect accompaniment to words which left nothing behind, the author didn’t waste a single syllable, not a pause, affliction, full stop, absolutely nothing… every letter, mark or distinction added more than its worth to the story.

The story stole my heart, kissed my soul and left me both breathless by its beauty and helpless with the realisation that I should be eternally thankful for everything I have in my life.

I felt inspired, invigorated and suitable chastised by this story and its pitch that life is not only worth living but that failing to embrace every opportunity that presents itself is not only silly it’s selfish.

A work that is truly remarkable and an absolute must read.

Topic: This Old Heart of Mine by A J Compton

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