A Perfect Gift by Amie Saskatchewan

So if you are reading this then I am going to assume that you are already familiar with book one and that you have already accepted the authors very fair content warning because if you haven’t then this is all on you! The warning is there for reason ladies.

Camping trip over, it is back to reality for Cal and Ashleigh but just how much has the trip changed them and are they willing to embrace what they have been through or will they return to the monotony that preceded their time in the woods…I hoped not because they had so much to give, it was going to be painful to watch them just tidy it all away and forget what they had shared.

But I could rest easy because the two of them didn’t take too long to accept that there was no turning back, what they had discovered had opened a new world to them and it was one that they wanted more of and that they willing to embrace it with everything they had…oh and boy did they!

They didn’t have Matthew and Bella to engage with any more but that didn’t mean that they weren’t willing to step up and find their own “playmate” so to speak, but could they/would they really invite their own guy to join in the fun…you bet your backside they would.

They met Stuart in a club one night and it doesn’t take them long to extend the hand of friendship and whatever else they fancy exploring to him…you really need to read this; it is a full on ride through what makes them tick!

The book doesn’t just touch on everything you would expect from a story that was steeped in BDSM, no, it gave me as reader a window onto their world and all that that entailed and while some might consider that window a little murky, not me, this author had me peering through stained glass, the story was illuminating, the colourful tones and descriptions had me completely hooked.

Finishing this I had no option to pick up book three up immediately, my mind was buzzing.

Now the book might not be for everyone but for me, I was in heaven!

Topic: A Perfect Gift by Amie Saskatchewan

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