Exquisite Redemption by Ann Mayburn

So, I have obviously been living under a rock when it comes to this author because I have completely missed this series and for me – that is a no no, I am a MC junkie- so being as this is the third in the series, I am ashamed of myself! I will rectify that mistake immediately but am really pleased to say that having not read the first two books didn’t detract from this story at all, it was perfectly comfortable standing its own ground.

So what did I find when I opened the covers of Exquisite Redemption, well I found Beach and holy moly where has this man been all my life… I could kick myself!

Carlos “Beach” Rodriguez is all manner of a sexy SOB, I mean what the heck is there not to love about a man that has it all going on (and in bucket loads, I might add) both inside and out. He was tough as they come when needed, gentle when required but he loved his woman, Sarah with everything he had and he made sure she darn well knew it!

I am aware that this is their story from the beginning despite the bits that have appeared in the previous books but I also know that this is not their whole story – part two of their tale is still to come and by the time I reach the end of the book – I can tell you February just can’t come quickly enough.

The story is fabulous, the Iron Horse MC were everything I could have wanted them to be and the characters, well what was there not to love about them.

But what about Beach and Sarah, what did they have to say?

Sarah wants nothing more from life than to live just like everyone else and be normal, a rough start has her reaching for the safety of firm and steady ground, rocking nobody’s boat suits her just fine but her plan for that safe and settled life is thrown straight out the window when she meets Beach.

Funny how one night, one chance meeting and you will never be the same again, but then I doubt I would ever recover from having that man in my line of sight either.

But Beach knows his mind, he didn’t get to be President of the Iron Horse MC by dithering and he isn’t about to start now. He knows that Sarah has one place she needs to be and that is on the back of his bike and by his side as his old lady, he just needs to convince her of that fact. And boy does he throw everything at her, she never stood a chance.

Their story ain’t all smooth sailing but then again with characters like Beach and the other MC guys it was never going to be, Sarah had a lot to take on board. But that being said Beach and Sarah were delightful characters and I couldn’t help but root for them both – I need them to be ok.

But there were external influences that meant that this was more than just a good MC read it was a great one.

In my opinion it had everything a good book needed, it was passionate, it was dramatic, it was sensitive and it was tough as old boots when required because there is more than a slight hint of danger and peril at the heart of this story, this has suspense and danger and more than a few occasions where I could feel my heart rate begin to rise. There are enough twists and turn throughout the story to keep even the most flighty of reader engrossed.

Topic: Exquisite Redemption by Ann Mayburn

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