His Control

by Ilsa Ames

A well-written romp that I will readily admit that I devoured in a single sitting and what's more I would have happily started all over again immediately.

The pace was good, the characters engaging and descriptive undertones were quite simply delightful.

I liked Micah, a man that has lived his life according to his own rules and has achieved more than most by abiding by those very same stipulations. I liked the fact that he was a principled man but I didn't like the fact that it appeared that he was, for the most part, a very lonely guy.

Would meeting Ella change all that? or would he let the best thing to ever happen to him slip through his fingers? Well only time would tell but I couldn't help but think that she was the perfect match for this emotionally insular man.

With a superb secondary cast, the author left me with a book hangover that can only be described as joyous.

A great read, one that was full of fun and hope.

Highly recommended.