Roping Ryan by Jill Sanders

Book 6 and it is Ryan’s turn to feel the bite of Fairfax lovebug!

Melissa has hired a private detective to track down her fiancé Reece’s twin brother Ryan, sort of helping him to piece his life back together in preparation for their wedding. She knows that Reece really wants Ryan there and with her faint recollection of Ryan from her time as a nurse in Houston, she has at least been able to give the PI somewhere to start looking.

Ryan has taken more than a little detective work to find but when Nikki approaches him at the bar one night, she is walking herself into a whole heap of trouble because the delicious Ryan West is an undercover narcotics officer and she has just blown his cover!

Ryan has years invested in this sting operation – but that has little interest now, he know she has to get out of town and he’s taking Nikki with him!

Heading to the one place that eh always felt safe- Fairfax, Ryan is welcomed back into the family fold with open arms and the relationship with his travel companion is never questioned. Maybe this family just have a way of finding their perfect partners that they should patent and sell on to others, because Ryan and Nikki as like two peas in a pod and falling for each other was never in doubt.

The trepidation in this story is more intense, this pair genuinely have a bad guy and his minions after them, so laying low is their only option but when the stakes get too high, Nikki sets of to try to save the day, with Ryan hotfooting it after her, his need to save his woman trumping all his years on the force.

I liked the fact that there was no beating bout the bush with Ryan and Nikki, they book knew the score and were happy to go with the flow, two adults willing to accept the company and comfort of another for nothing more than pure want.

It was when their feelings begin to develop that the story came to life, Nikki and Ryan were a great couple and much like the other books in the series, their story was enveloped by the rest of the West family. Fairfax is a magical place by all accounts and relationships forged are built to last, good news for Nikki.

I have loved the whole series and while I still think my favourite was book one Loving Lauren, I would have to say that the backstory between Nikki and Ryan means that this one runs in, in a very close second favourite