False Start by Julianna Marley

This was definitely no false start, this kicked of a new series by a new author in superb style.

I was never a huge one for sports star romances, but I have to say when work like this keeps hitting my kindle I can see me becoming a devotee!

I liked the premise that came with this story, the peek inside the lives of the already married Jax and Liv and a look at eth hard work that it takes to keep your marriage alive. The spark has to continue to flicker and it won’t do it on its own, like everything in life being happy takes work and being happy together needs you both to be singing from the same hymn sheet.

But when you see the woman you love, constantly struggling with the weight of your persona and the angst that your career and your choices have foisted on her every day, sometimes seeing a clear path to a better life is not something that should be undertaken alone.

Being married to a sports star is a high pressure job, it take as special type of person to be able to suffer the slings and arrows that are going to be hurtled your direction either by the plain old haters, the devious and spiteful liars or the sneaky sods that see nothing but your life as something to line their pockets. Liv and Jax have been at the behest of all three and they have made it through but just how much has it taken out of them, and after all that can they survive the ultimate test .

When Jax takes matters into his own hands and makes his ill-fated unilateral decision, testing everything they have. Can they finally find a way back from the brink once and for all?

Can this pair find the strength they need to be the team that they were always destined to be or will what they once had been forever consigned to the side-lines.

The author really dished up a superb scenario, a plethora of secondary characters that were both engaging and eclectic. And a story that has whetted my appetite for what is to come next.

Topic: False Start by Julianna Marley

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