The Trouble with Dating a Movie Star by Z N Willett

Ok, so let’s get straight too it…this wasn’t what I expected and while what it brought to the table worked for most of the time, I also thought that sometimes it was a little clichéd and that the characters had room to grow, they were ok, but they could have been exceptional.

They were both celebrities so to speak, Andria was a romance novelist with a hit novel on her hands, a publishing deal and a book tour that was drawing in the crowds and Andrew, well he was a movie superstar and need I say any more about the madness that brings to the table.

Andria grew up fantasising about her schoolgirl crush, the heartthrob actor Andrew Hughes.

But she knew that while he may have been the inspiration for her first novel but there was never any chance that it would become more than that.

But what do you do when you meet the man that your younger self as adored from afar?

Would you run a mile or would you, like Andria grab the opportunity and dive into a relationship?

Well, a chance meeting gives her that opportunity and this is the story of the fight the two of them have to have what others would consider a normal relationship, only nothing about dating a movie star could every be described as normal.

Just being Andrew Hughes brings all sort of crazy to a relationship, the media, the fans and a mental ex-girlfriend that doesn’t seem to be able to understand the meaning of the words “it’s over”, really at times it was all too much to actually get my head around.

But what I did like was the pace that the story moved at, I didn’t want them to dither, they had too much going on for their relationship to stand still, it was never going to be a gentle meander towards their relationship, their situation meant that they were always moving at a gallop.

But that being said I did want time to draw breath, to evaluate what was going on between them and the stress and strains that they were having to shoulder and all while under the very public scrutiny of the world’s press.

There was a fairly strong humorous undertone that peppered Andria’s musings but the book hurtled towards an ending that I found rather abrupt.

I look forward to the next book, to see if the characters fill out and completely engulf the personas that I think they deserve

Topic: The Trouble with Dating a Movie Star by Z N Willett

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